This year, Larchmont Elementary will be sending three teams to the Destination Imagination (DI) Regional Tournament. On Saturday, Feb. 24th, the tournament will be an all-day event at Princess Anne Middle School in Virginia Beach. Our LES teams have been working since Fall to create an innovative solution to a challenging STEAM problem. Our LES students have been learning about amusement parks and building their own attraction, creating a two act musical with technical effects, and learning about new cultures and how students from all over the world live and learn. We are VERY proud of these leopards!

This year, the Kingdom of Creativity team will be competing in Change of Tune, the Fine Arts Challenge. The Super Strawberry Hedgehog Party Crashers team will be competing in Unlikely Attraction, the Scientific Challenge. The Team Doggie Super Strength will be presenting in the Rising Stars Challenge, Friends Everywhere. Special thanks to all the parents who have supported these students. Everyone has been working very hard after school and on weekends to create their solutions  and be prepared for the tournament. We wish all the DI students good luck. Have fun!