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  • Weekly emails: Please email the following submission form (along with any image/pdf attachments) to with SUBJECT: Weekly Email Submission for (enter date here). The deadline for weekly emails is always the Friday prior to the Monday publication.


  • Quarterly newsletter (printed LES PTA Reporter): Please email the following submission form, along with your image file to with the SUBJECT: Printed Newsletter.
    The deadline for the next issue is MARCH 26, 2018


  • Facebook posts/updates: Committee chairs are able to create posts on Facebook. As posts need to be approved by one of the FB administrators (a member of the Executive Committee), there will be delay in the post going live. Please plan accordingly.


  • Website: Website updates happen monthly on the first Monday of each month. Please send the submission form along with any image/pdf attachemtns to with SUBJECT: Monthly Website Update for (enter month here).


  • Sponsorship logos: All sponsorship levels at $250 and above. Please send email to with the Subject "Sponsor Logo - (name of sponsor here)". Email must contain the sponsor's logo in JPEG format, and the website the sponsor would like us to link to. If no website is given, there will be no link.


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